Listen to Alex Rae’s Hatate meltdown and his brilliant anti Celtic agenda exposed

He tries hard. He really does.

As a pundit on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Alex Rae tries his level best to sound impartial, informed and indifferent when trying to comment on anything Celtic.

But it doesn’t take long for his mask to slip (which I really hoped it wouldn’t) as he commented on Celtic’s new arrival Reo Hatate.

This time, the former Oldco man really outdone himself on live radio.

Rae made an outstandingly biased claim against Hatate and his usefulness as a utility player and literally in the same breath, praised Rangers new signing James Sands for being, well, a utility player.

Have a listen:

Absolutely breathtaking stuff from Rae and as he moves from clanger to clanger trying to make a name for himself as a viable pundit, take comfort from the fact that the radio station is literally pouring money down as this guy continues to steal a wage as an impartial pundit.

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  • Now I think that Alex is an 🔔 end as much as any other celtic Supporter, but it was hardly a meltdown…it just shows he knows f all

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