“We would have destroyed them” – Listen as Sevco fan makes brilliant Gerrard cup final claim

This is one of those calls that makes you wonder if the guy is at the wind up, called in for a dare or is so genuinely serious about what he is talking about he is completely oblivious to how ridiculous he sounds.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) it is the latter as a Rangers fan called up Clyde 1 Superscoreboard to make a brilliant ascertain that even his own clubs brand new history proves that he is talking a load of mince pies.

Have a listen:

Where to even start with this one!

If Gerrard was in charge. We’ll start there. In seven attempts, Gerrard failed to win a cup. Not once. Seven.

Beaten before he even got to the Hampden stages, then beaten by Celtic in the final and also beaten in the semi this year by Hibs (yes i know he wasn’t in charge but essentially it was still his team), what on earth makes this guy think they would have even gotten to the final?

Then ‘destroy’ Celtic in the final? Really? The same Celtic team that was cobbled together in the summer and they struggled to beat 1-0 at Ibrox after being dominated practically the whole match. That Celtic?

Mulled wine must have been flowing freely as this was a call that started off bad then fell away.

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