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“Does Neilson want nobody to tackle now?” – Former Celt roasts Hearts boss for post match comments

Robbie Nielson is embarrassing as hell on post match interviews. Whenever he faces Celtic, he always has a mump and moan about us.

He never takes accountability for the fact that his team and his tactics are just not good enough to beat us.

Always someone else’s fault.

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And former Celtic striker Frank McAvennie has had enough of him:

“If he was on his feet for that tackle and lunged, that is a sending off all day long,” he told Football Insider.

But he was on the ground and he has gone to kick the ball and missed it, it is not a sending off. There was no intent, he did not lunge in.

Does Neilson want nobody to tackle now? You could see that it was an accident. It looked worse than what it was but the bottom line is he was on the ground.

He did not show his studs, that is the reason why he did not get booked or sent off.

Nielson clearly has one eye on the Ibrox job. Why else does he continually criticise us but whenever his side get skelped off Rangers he rolls over and lets his tummy get tickled?

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