“The club’s insolvency” – Outstanding liquidation tweet has Celtic fans laughing

New club. Old club. Same club. Embarrassing club.

Whichever one takes your fancy as long as it’s not the ‘same club’ right?

Because how could it be?

The club we knew as Glasgow Rangers sadly passed away in 2012 and on the 10th Anniversary of their death, we still have fans from Ibrox that believe the club is still the same.

Still alive and kicking.

And, look, who can blame them?

We used to have a pet hamster in my house. It died one day and rather than tell the kids the truth, I just bought a new one and told them it was the same hamster it just changed it’s coat. If it works on 6 year olds……

But we are talking adults here. Grown men and women who still claim that the debts of Oldco, that stiffened hundreds of small business, is not theirs but the trophies of said club are. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

And this one Celtic fan took it upon himself to remind everyone that the old club is gone. Under. In the ground.

With a brilliant excerpt from the Scottish Court of Sessions:

And it went down a treat:

Always good to remind them of this…..share away.

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