“BDO are paying HMRC” – Notts Forrest fan triggers outstanding liquidation denial reply.

The *Rangers 150 year anniversary tweet proved one thing.

Not one single person outside of Scotland believes the nonsense that they didn’t liquidate and die.

Well, two things really. The media up here are complicit in one of the biggest lies in Scottish football history, but this is not what this is about.

As I wrote about earlier, the Notts Forrest fans took issue with the *Rangers claim to be the first European club to hit 150 years old. In fact, many football fans did, but it was these fans that were quick to call it out.

And this one reply hit the nail on the head so many times, he could have built a house:

Head shot with every single point. And best bit of this tweet? This outstanding reply that was quickly ripped apart:

I know right!!! Absolutely mental that they just make this sort of stuff up and believe it to be true!

And the replies to this guy were just first class:

Happy New Year everyone!

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