“We Need To Stick Together” – ACSOM Highlights Targetting Of Celtic Fans By Rangers Twitter Trolls

Last week was an incredible week for Scottish football as a whole. And not in a good way.

As the racism row fallout between *Rangers fan media and the Scottish mainstream media continues, as the fans from Ibrox have now taken to Twitter to target Celtic fans with historic tweets and contacting their workplaces in order to try and get fans sacked or disciplined for their activity on social media.

It really is the lowest of low and instead of tackling a clear racist element in their support or even taking the media to task for what they feel is an injustice carried out on their fan media station, the Rangers fans are now crawling over Twitter with a view to contacting Police Scotland with any tweets or Facebook posts that they deem offensive.

The repercussions of this type of whataboutery has dire consequences on peoples families and livelihoods and should be condemned as such.

One such prominent Celtic fan that has been a victim of this cowardly act is A Celtic State of Mind’s Natasha Meikle.

Natasha posted some tweets over 10 years ago that were sent to her place of work and forced her hand into resigning her position.

And the online campaign has continued throughout the weekend and into the beginning of this week.

The podcast host, Paul John Dykes, urged Celtic fans to stick together during this time and highlighted the targeting of fan on his daily bulletin, “Is the in view of everything that’s been happening recently, and everybody knows what I’m talking about here.

I think as a fan base through a lot of different reasons, we were fractured and a lot of that was down to the fact that we couldn’t go to the games.

But also, you know, there was there was petty fall outs etc and I just think the Celtic fans need to pull together at this moment in time, and for the foreseeable.

I mean there’s been a lot of arguments, there has been a lot of disagreements. I just don’t think it’s a good idea for us to, you know trip each other up in terms of the Celtic fan base and we need to stick together.

I’m seeing a lot of different photographs being posted on Twitter in relation to targeting Celtic fans.

I just think we all need to pull together and we all need to stick together at this moment in time and always.

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