“That was bad craic!” – Gio cops it from hurting Rangers fan for cup defeat and he wasn’t even in charge!

If van Bronckhorst didn’t realise it, he sure does now. He’s on borrowed time.

That sounds like an incredible statement to make considering he has only JUST completed his first training session with the Rangers squad and has as yet to fully lead the team in his first competitive match as Rangers boss.

But when a defeat such as Sunday’s still runs raw, someone needs to be blamed and amazingly, Uber coach Gio, was copping it from a Rangers fan when he called in Rangers Radio.

I think his name was Bluestar (I genuinely have no idea. It sounds like a Smokey and the Bandit Govan remake) and he was apoplectic when he raged, “When you’re listening to Kevin Thompson at halftime. See everything the guy said, it was elementary stuff.

“And what he did say was, he says I don’t want our manager sitting in a hospitality. If that was the man, God rest him, that had passed away, he still would have been down at the dressing room shouting in at them to get out there and get tore in.

I agree with him. That was bad craic. They camera’s were all on Gio sitting in a hospitality suite.

That’s wrong. He should have been away out the road so we couldn’t see him on camera.

He should have been down at that door shouting the orders through somebody.”

So it seems Bluestars breaking point wasn’t that Gio never made his move (albeit it would have been illegal as he had no work permit) to the dressing room, it was that he was caught in camera enjoying Hampden hospitality!

What is it about these guys and getting caught on camera?

Anyway, as we all look forward to Gio’s first game in charge in front of 50,000 bears (yes they call themselves that) we will see if there is any mood for patience in Govan if they come away with anything less than a victory.

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