Sevco’s Derek Johnstone Has His Finger On The Pulse With Celtic’s Signings

You know when you get the hint that you should just give something up? No matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to get it right?

Derek Johnstone’s time was when Clyde 1 Superscoreboard retired him. Of course he will say that he moved on to work for Sevco as a full time professional cheerleader instead of a part time one on the radio, but we all know the truth.

Somehow, DJ got a gig on The Go Radio Football Show and it was his turn last night to shower us with his knowledge of football and tactical prowess on how Celtic and *Rangers will negotiate the transfer window.

Derek went on to speak about Celtic’s dealings and exclusively revealed a brand new signing that no one had knew had happened, “This is the time of year where newspapers are loving this because they’re throwing names in like Mario Vuskovic.

“But you know they’ve already got in Liam Shaw and Onahoohide as well, you know, so there will be plenty.

Where to start? Onahoohide? I think that’s how you spell it. I’m not sure. Is he a striker we’ve never heard of to replace Edouard?

Maybe he was meaning Osaze Urhoghide? I’m assuming that’s what he meant. It must be surely? Otherwise if he’s beat me to a scoop regarding a Celtic signing then I’m chucking it.

Go Radio is a decent up and coming radio football show, lets hope they will see sense and take out an insurance policy of a gagging order against the Sevco cheerleader before he really brings down the standards of Paul Cooney and the team.

One thought on “Sevco’s Derek Johnstone Has His Finger On The Pulse With Celtic’s Signings”

  1. Thanks for heads up. Was gonna tune in tonight, but not if DJ is part of the team.

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