“Of course he wasn’t an Ange signing” – Anthony Joseph talks Celtic transfers and gives surprising ‘Ange signings’ verdict

I remember when Ange Postecoglou first got the Celtic job and many people where saying he’ll just be a yes man or another board puppet.

How far from the truth is that? Ange Postecoglou has endeared himself to the Celtic fans with not only his footballing philosophy, but also with his ability to not suffer fools gladly.

His style when he deals with the media is not only popular with the fans, but also the media guys themselves.

But many where wondering just how much input he has into the players who are signed by the club and by all accounts, it seems that whoever is putting the ground work in, so far it is paying off.

But of course, with the significant style of play Ange demands, demands a certain type of footballer which has led to questions about some of the players who have been signed by Celtic and if they are, in fact, Ange signings.

Sky Sports’ Anthony Joseph has been running the rule over the Parkhead incomings on The Celtic Exchange Podcast, and the process the club goes through to identify specific targets and who has the final say, “I don’t know that for sure that Ange pulled out on on deals later on or anything like that, but you can tell, who are Ange signings and who aren’t.

I mean Joe Hart wasn’t an Ange signing. Of course he wasn’t. Celtic were trying to go for him.

He’d have been provided a list of names and targets and this is what the scouting team and the recruitment team have identified as targets.

Of course that kind of background work can happen without him. He still has to have a look at that and say, yeah, we’ll go for him. No, not, not too keen on that.

I’m not saying this did happen, but sometimes it goes on the lines of they made contact, they speak to the player, and maybe the manager or someone at the club is not too keen on after they’ve spoken to the player. They just get that feeling.

But you can tell Joe Hart wasn’t an Ange signing. McCarthy wouldn’t have been an Ange signing. Celtic have always been linked with McCarthy.

Liam Shaw definitely isn’t because he was a Neil Lennon signing and Abada also wasn’t, well I highly doubt he was an Ange signing because of their connection Dudu Dahan. He’s very much a go to man for Celtic to find players and gems in Israel and beyond.”

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