“I wouldn’t have any fears about it” – ACSOM team choose man to face Frimpong

With Celtic’s injury crisis looming ahead of tonight’s Europa League tie against Bayer Leverkusen, the talk on A Celtic State of Mind turned to who will be the man tasked to try put the shackles on the former Celtic full back?

Host Paul John Dykes posed the question to co host JP Mason and he offered a very concise and balanced opinion on the talented left back, “It’s not the ideal opportunity but it may be a necessity to play him.

He is obviously match fit. We’ve discussed that before. He was playing regularly before he came to us. So he’s not like, way behind in terms of training and fitness and everything else.

I saw a cameo of him against Raith Rovers, it’s very difficult to judge a player on so little minutes.

I received more than a few texts from Celtic supporting friends saying Scales looks okay, good control, wants to have the ball.

So, I wouldn’t have any fears about it. It is a bit of a baptism of fire, but I think he would possibly thrive on it and maybe it could be the night that makes him.

“This could be a night, although his Celtic career’s in its infancy, this could be a night that kick starts it.

There is no doubt that from the flashes we have seen from the new signing, and how highly regarded he is in the Republic of Ireland, Scales does have talent and Celtic seem to have a player on their hands.

But is tonight the night to throw him in?

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