“He’s the new Maestro” – Former Hoops players high praise for Celtic star

There are not many players who can be compared to Celtic legend Paul McStay. “The Maestro” was my favourite player growing up as boy and had everything.

Vision, passing, skill, leadership. He inspired those around him and it is just a pity that he had to lead the club through the dark days of the nineties as captain.

Injury cut his career short just as he was about to try his hand abroad but the mark he left on the club still remains.

Current Hoops captain, Callum McGregor, has been compared to McStay by former Celtic player Mark Fotheringham.

Fotheringham was giving his inside knowledge of Leverkusen as he spent time at Ingolstadt in Germany’s second tier.

Fotheringham said McGregor is just as important to Celtic as Florian Wirtz is to Bayer Leverkusen when he made the comparison, “When I was a kid, Paul McStay was my big hero. The Maestro. Now I see Callum the same way. He’s the new Maestro.

“In 20 years from now there will be supporters talking about him the same as fans currently talk about McStay.

“Bayer will be formidable opposition for Celtic. The boy Wirtz looks absolute class and has an incredible future.

“But as far as I’m concerned, Callum’s the same for Celtic.”

McGregor is an absolute class act and the similarities between him and McStay are already there. As he penned a 5 year contract extension, McGregor is set to become the first one club man since McStay but unlike the former Celtic great, McGregor will hope to lead the Hoops to League Championship glory.

A feat that was denied The Maestro.

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