‘He burst into tears’ – Listen to superb Rangers Radio meltdown as Celtic sit top of the league

Rangers manager, Philippe Clement, talking about Celtic.

This week has been superb for the Celtic fans as the Rangers meltdown continues.

Leading into the Scottish Cup semi finals, the Bears still can’t get over the fact they lost at Ross County and drew at Dundee.

And to think, just over ten days ago they were taking lap of honours at Ibrox after beating Celtic 3-3 in a superb moral victory.

It’s all starting to unravel for Philippe Clement and it seems for the Rangers fans, failing to stop Celtic’s domination of Scottish football is getting all too much.

Catholic’s are to blame for Rangers’ poor form

This caller on Rangers Radio went on live to tell a story about a supporter who is well known Ito the batsh*t crazy YouTube channel.

And it seems the pain of Celtic sitting on top of the league looking down on the Rangers is just too much.

Have a listen to this:

So not only have we reduced grown men to tears, they are also blaming Catholics for their demise over the past few seasons.

Quite an incredible take seeing as most of the team that won them them the League Cup, Scottish Premiership and the Scottish Cup are all Catholic’s.

Then what else do you expect? Between this mental phone in show and Follow Follow, these fans deserve every single bit of pain that has come their way.

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