“He’s pretty much insulted his own family” – Former Sevco player owned after fenian b*st*rd rant

This is a weird one.

Whilst I hate these idiots that pretend to be fans of players clubs then take the p*ss out of them in videos, there is still no need for Kyle Lafferty to react the way he did.

The former Rangers player posed for a picture with what who he thought was a Celtic fan then this happened:

Sectarian language should be shunned at every opportunity and Rangers fans on this thread comparing what Lafferty did to the Celtic fan banners as ‘free speech’ are just as idiotic and uneducated as Lafferty himself.

The Northern Irishman should have taken a leaf out of Scott Browns book when he was confronted by one of these clowns on Tik Tok.

But then, Rangers players don’t do walking away do they?

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