Ian Blackford has just risked alienating the Celtic support in latest Sky News interview

Match Day Celtic Park

Wow. talk about a political own goal.

It seems a politic view only applies to those in power as long as it matches their stance now doesn’t it?

A lot of right wing media commentators have come out to attack the Celtic support in recent weeks for their anti monarchy protest and I have to say, I am disappointed at Ian Blackford’s response to this.

Have a watch:

I’ll lay my cards on the table, I’m an independence supporter as are many, many thousands of Celtic fans out there and Blackford has risked the vote of every single one of them for allowing himself to be cornered by this line of questioning.

Celtic fans were not the only football support that protested against the Royal Family. Many clubs supporters all around Scotland AND England did so this weekend and Blackford should have been smarter with his answer and called them all out.

The SNP leader at Westminster is usually more astute than this.

He’s let himself down badly here.

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  • He messed up yes, but to think people will vote note because of this , is nonsense, independence IS more important , than a polititan being cornered on a tv question time, anyone voting like that cleary has a knee jerk reaction to negative opinion. Pity about that !!

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