“My information is” – Phil Mac reveals reason for recent Ibrox press release

Ibrox Stadium

Yesterday we saw a major media charm offensive being carried out by the Ibrox board.

In a time where the fans are raging even more than ever, it did seem odd that deputy Chairman John Bennett took a 17 minute interview to appease the Govan support when they should have been elated after Celtic dropped points at the weekend.

But they are seriously unhappy at their top stars being sold, lack of investment in the team even though they had guaranteed at least £30m from Champions League group football and they are also unhappy at the clubs transfer strategy.

Not one of their summer signings started the match against Napoli. Could you imagine the uproar from the media if that was at Celtic? But there was a strange disquiet from the MSM. Weird that.

However, Bennett’s interview didn’t go unnoticed by Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain and he suggested a reason for it in his latest blog.

Wait, what? That cannot be! We have been told that Rangers are now a financially stable business with an effective player trading model by the Scottish media!

But we all know when it comes to Rangers finances the Scottish MSM like to dine out on the Ibrox tab as long as there is lamb on the menu.

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