“As bigoted as the rest of them”, “The guys running it all have a Sevco background” – Celtic fans react to Nil by Mouth criticism

Celtic Park

The Martin Compston story really set a fire under peoples *rses last week.

Whilst the Line of Duty actor seemed to be copping it from all angles of the Sevco support, anti sectarian charity Nil By Mouth also entered into the furore.

Born Celtic wrote about the story last week and whilst the changing of the lyrics to Beautiful Sunday was stupid by the fans, the amount of criticism aimed at Compston is seriously misplaced.

Whilst the *Rangers support had the cheek to try and take the moral high ground, some Celtic supporters defended the lyric change.

My view? Those songs shouldn’t be sung at Celtic Park. They have no place at the club and we have a far more extensive and brilliant song book that celebrates the club that should be used.

We don’t need these songs at Celtic. End of.

But what we do need is a body of authority that calls out all sectarianism in the media in Scotland and doesn’t just present itself when high profile cases appears.

And it seems that many Celtic fans are not happy with Nil by Mouth’s contribution so far:

In my opinion, we will never be rid of this cancer in our society. The SFA and SPFL’s weekly silence on the issue is telling and their lack of action speaks volumes.

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