German media rubbish latest Sevco transfer fantasy

Ibrox Stadium

I genuinely wonder when the penny will drop with mob.

For all the bluff and bluster of what they earned in the Europa League last season, the *Rangers fans will need to make peace with one simple fact this season.

They will not spend any money again this window.

How do I know? Look at their previous losses in the last 10 years. £100m. In ten years. For one trophy.

Now they can kid themselves on all they want but there is absolutely no way that none of those losses is debt. Do they seriously think that their Directors plugged in all that cash for confetti shares?

No chance. They will want some of that money recouped and pronto.

Which explains the clubs current signing policy. Contract extensions for Davis, Arfield and McGregor who are all on the wrong side of 30 coupled with chasing ‘Bosmans’ all adds up to one thing. No money will be spent. Again.

The latest transfer rumour [HITC] that the club were trying to sign German u21 star Eric Martel is just fantasy stuff. Contract expires this month (there’s that phrase again) it seems that he is heading to his homeland to sign with mega money club RB Leipzig.

Xavi Simons is another one. Contract expiring with PSG, linked to Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I wonder where he will end up?

Ross Stewart from Sunderland. Top goalscorer. Linked with the club. How much do goalscorers in England go for again? Even in the second tier? Millions.

Millions that Rangers will not spend.

It’s time for a reality check with their fans. These stories are out there to appease them and when the end of August hits and they’ve signed no one of note, cue the shock horror from the Govan stands.

They can’t say they weren’t warned!

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