Listen to Alex Rae make a fool of himself over Kyogo

Remember that time Alex Rae tweeted about Kyogo and where he is about a week before the Glasgow Derby?

If not, you can read it here, but he made a fool of himself then and over the weekend he done it again.

The guy is simply incapable of being an impartial pundit and his bitterness always shines through at some point.

On Clyde 1, he tried to stir up some fantasy conspiracy theory about Kyogo Furuhashi when he was offering his brilliant insight into the Celtic game as it played out.

Have a listen:

For those that can’t listen, Rae said, “I keep referring, there’s still no sign of their main striker.


Posted missing. No update.

No one knows where he is. Is he actually in the country?”

When it was pointed out that he was actually at the game on Thursday on the touchline, Rae doubled down and said, “Still no update though boys.

Sheer desperation from the Ibrox cheerleader as he tries to discredit Ange Postecoglou and cast aspersions on the Celtic manager.

Was Rae not there when Ange said, “Weeks means weeks.”? Does he not listen?

Or is he just too wrapped up in his own wee bitter world that he’ll do and say anything to try and stir up nonsense about our club using the Clyde 1 platform?

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