Another Ibrox cheerleader took to task over fictional penalty claim

First we had Alex Rae in pain over the weekend and now we have Kris Boyd.

Two pundits, different in their styles in that they don’t have any.

Their default position is ‘Rainjurs’ and they can’t even hide it. Even when they are paid to try and be neutral they seem incapable of engaging their single brain to think of anything other than their blue agenda.

It genuinely is quite embarrassing.

Kris Boyd couldn’t hide his disappointment when he said about the handball decision that went against his team, “I understand that not every handball is a penalty kick in the box.

“But it has travelled a long way. I think there is time to get the hand totally out the way.

“You can see in the end, he does. There’s no doubt that it hits is hand.

“I’ll say it again, it’ll be interesting, if VAR was in Scottish football, what would happen.

“It does travel a distance. It clearly hits his hand. But I will say not every handball is a penalty kick.

“But I think that one is.”

His co pundit James McFadden was having none of it, “No, it’s not, because his arm’s not out. It’s by his side.

“He’s trying to move his arm out the way.

“It’s not in an unnatural position. He’s not made his body bigger. Where else is it meant to be?

“It’s got to be his side.”

Boyd desperately hit back, “Well if it’s by his side, why does he need to pull away?”

McFadden replied: “Because he sees the ball coming towards his hand.”

Boyd hit back, “If it’s a natural position, you would just leave it.”

And McFadden snapped, “He doesn’t want to be taking the chance. If that was in the other box, you’d be saying the same.”

The pain and suffering as Celtic turn the screw on their rivals is really showing up Scottish punditry for the sham that it is.

No wonder fans to fan media for their news.

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