“Daz, it doesn’t matter” – Alex Rae argues with pundits over denied Sevco ‘penalty’

Reality hits hard with some people doesn’t it?

Fresh off his disco lights dig, Alex Rae has had a nightmare this weekend trying to keep his mask from slipping as Rangers drop more points on the road and Celtic extend their lead at the top of the table.

The former EBT recipient found it difficult to try and give an informed opinion on a penalty shout that was denied his team and argued with his fellow pundits on Clyde 1 about it. Wait till you hear his reply to Gordon Dalziel:

The sound of his voice as Dalziel questioned whether the Dundee United player tried to get out the way rather than intentionally stop the ball is just golden.

How this guy is paid as an impartial pundit it genuinely beyond me.

Tell you what though, there won’t be any more jokes about disco lights or questions about Kyogo.

I think Rae has enough on his mind with Celtic living rent free in it.

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