Wee Gio goes full Sevco as he compares Ibrox player to World Cup Finalist

Sometimes I look at headlines and just laugh.

Sometimes you read something so utterly ridiculous that you need to read it again just to make sure that you haven’t misread it.

I did. And I didn’t.

After last nights impressive 4-2 win over Dortmund in Germany, the *Rangers are getting praised for their performance, and rightly so.

Any kind of win over any German club in Germany is outstanding and I am not bitter enough to not give credit where it is due.

But I won’t do with them, just as I don’t do with Celtic is go overboard with praise. Never have and never will.

But this headline from The Sun was just brilliant:

It was Owen Hargreaves that said it but dear me. Is this the first time he’s watched him?

And to compare the two is just plain ridiculous.

Let’s have a look at Ribery’s accomplishments:

And Kents:

Sorry I’m wrong. Kent has won more Player of the Year Awards.

My bad!

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