John Hartson brilliantly sends Sevco fans into meltdown

John Hartson, like Chris Sutton, just has a knack for upsetting the *Rangers fans.

All it takes is a carefully placed tweet or comment on the radio and the big man sends the Govan fans into meltdown.

It’s Friday night and Hartson has clearly been getting it right after Rangers impressive win in Dortmund so he decided to remind them what actual dominance looks like in the record books.

John said, “Remind me are Celtic going for their 10th title in the last 11 years.. 16th out of last 22 ! That’s dominance aint it 🍀”

And it definitely touched a nerve in the peepo from the south side because deep down, they really know the truth.

Just like the truth about their club, they also know the truth about who the REAL dominant team in Scotland is.

Two decades of owning Scottish football has beaten the Rangers fans so bad that they genuinely believe that the title they won last season somehow ‘broke’ us.

Tell you what. If winning nine in a row and a Quadruple Treble means getting ‘broke’ at not winning the ten then I would take that kind of disappointment every day of the week.

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