“Delusional turd polishing” – Rangers Tax Case is back. Sevco fans should be worried

Yeah, he’s back.

The twitter account that highlighted the death of old Rangers is back with a bang.

Over the last few days, this brilliant twitter account that is basically a chronicle of how old Rangers died, is now resurgent as the new club follows the path of it’s predecesor.

Since the 10th Anniversary of the Oldco slowly reducing to ashes, there has been an uptake in activity from Rangers Tax Case as the Scottish media released fluff pieces trying to, not deny, but change the course of the Deadco’s history.

Over the last couple of days I have been highlighting this and it seems to have ramped up so much that RTC, and Cluster One, has come back with a vengeance to challenge the lies of the media:

The last comment sums it all up for me in a nutshell:

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