“A lot of these media people are Rangers supporters” – Former Scottish journalist calls out Scottish media

As a Celtic fan, we are all used to the media being biased against our team.

I mean just this season is proof of a biased agenda against our own club. The outrage and media furore whenever a contentious decision goes Celtic’s way is just incredible.

Kyogo’s ‘offside’ goal. Kyogo ‘diving’. The cup final ‘free kick’. The six minutes at Dingwall. There are literally dozens of these.

But when there’s decisions that go in favour of *Rangers? Silence. Porteous ‘penalty’ at Ibrox last week. Offside Motherwell goal at Ibrox. Rangers ‘penalty’ against Aberdeen when 2-0 down. Again, literally no negative coverage of any of these incidents.

And the reason? Well, Liam at the Celtic Down Under podcast knows exactly why.

Liam used to work in the Scottish media and he details here exactly why be left, “A lot of these media people are Rangers supporters. I know that because I used to work with them, right?

The majority of football journalists, and journalists in general that I’ve worked with lean towards the Rangers side of things, right.

There’s quite a few Celtic fans as well. But even the ones that are Celtic fans they toe a certain line.

They know that you have to earn a certain deference to Rangers in order to get where you want to be.

And it’s one of the multitude of reasons why I chose to walk away from that industry.

You can watch the full transcript here.

The bottom line is all about attention seeking. All about just getting clicks. And they realise two things, right.

One, as much as we might laugh at them and mock them, Rangers fans will boycott at the drop of a hat. If somebody says something they don’t like, they’ll just be like, ‘Right! We’re no buying that. We’re no reading that!

Celtic fans tend not to do that. We tend to read it and then go online and rant and rave about it and more people read it.

We keep taking the bait, and that is the problem. These people know they can get a rise out of us.

And I was bad as anybody because I do it. I’ll share these articles around and say, ‘Look at this b*llsh*t.’ and yet, I’m doing exactly what they want me to do.

I’m rage clicking on it, and given them the clicks they need to sustain a faltering business.

If a newspaper is clearly biased in its coverage. Just don’t buy it. Don’t give the time of day.

“How many times have we had on the day of a game against *Rangers they bring out some scandal about Celtic player or some link to one of our best players with a move away to unsettle the team before the game.

It’s all s**t they sit on then unleash it at the most effective time.”

Quite the insight from a former journalist who is now based in Japan.

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  • As we know the cutting of allocation was down to the rangers supporting media,Kak Jackson ,Gary Ralston to name a few because Celtic kept giving them skelping after skelping

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