“Nothing like a good old lie to sooth the pain”, “The real Rangers would have been proud of you” – The Banter Years continue as Heart & Hand remember admin day

It takes some amount of self deluding hubris to try and convince people that *Rangers are the same club as the one that died in 2012.

When you try and claim a ‘journey’ was a brilliant piece of your history after you were relegated because ‘Scottish fitba votit us doon’ whilst denying your own clubs part in its suicide is stuff of fantasy.

But all day this has been going on. All day, reminders of the day *Rangers went into administration has been passed off as some sort of event that never really happened because ‘ wur the same club’.

It’s pathetic. Like this tweet from Heart & Hand:

The revisionism is sensational. For example, Dave King was on that board that killed the original Rangers, yet he is being thanked.

Airbrushed those that ‘helped’ them get to the top. People like Ally McCoist and Pedro Caixinha. Then so would I if it took me two attempts to get out the Championship and four attempts to win the Petrofac Cup in McCoist and the manager that shouted at fans from a bush in Pedro.

Delusion at it’s finest.

But what is even more delusional is the replies to this tweet where the fans just plain deny everything that happened to their club:

That was the old club mate.

And the Celtic fans, and fans of other clubs for that matter were on hand to point out the unwanted facts of their newfound history:

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