“The police investigating us were Rangers fans” – Stephen McGowan’s latest claim from Ibrox administrator shows the circus surrounding the club

The *Rangers liquidation story is one that will entertain Celtic fans for generations to come.

The Banter Years were a thing of beauty and it seems that they are not over yet.

As more revelations were unearthed with the 10th Anniversary of the club going into administration, one of the administrators that was arrested and charged with allegations of fraud has opened up on his time in prison after he was charged with the police.

David Whitehouse was awarded substantial damages from the CPS for ‘malicious prosecution’ and his story is quite remarkable, ‘We were charged with serious organised crime, we were charged with conspiracy, we were charged with shadow directorships.

‘It was a complete work of fantasy because, in effect, the police investigating us were Rangers fans.

‘I remember right at the start we were asked to host a meeting in relation to policing ahead of an Old Firm derby.

‘Those games cost a fortune to police and we didn’t have the money to pay for it.

‘We said: “Right, we’ll cancel the game” and they said: “No, no you can’t cancel the game”.

‘So we organised a meeting to discuss the logistics of who was going to pay for the policing and about 15 policemen turned up.

‘All they really wanted to do was talk about Ally McCoist.

‘It felt like they weren’t really there to do the job; they just wanted to have their moment inside Ibrox.’

Quite a stunning story and proof that heads should have rolled after this shambolic episode will cost the public purse in excess of £40m.

All because the old Rangers died.



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