Stunning Celtic fan Police footage as Dons supporter confronts Hart

Some call what that Aberdeen fan done last night banter.

I call it, and to be fair, so did many, idiocy.

As an Aberdeen fan ran half the length of the pitch and made it to Joe Hart and back to his seat without a challenge from either a steward or a police officer, many were asking just where the hell where they?

Now the wee guy was quite rightly berated by Celtic and Aberdeen fans and but the question needs to be, where were the stewards and the police?

Where do you think?

Not dispersed evenly around the stadium, there was a ring of them surrounding the Celtic fans in the away end:

Questions need asked because, and thankfully, the boy that ran on just wanted his ten minutes of fame, but the next time it may be as straight forward as a simple selfie as Neil Lennon and various other Celtic players have out in the not so distant past.

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