John Hartson slaps down Kenny Miller and Paul Cooney over away fan fiasco

This was brilliant radio. Absolutely superb.

On The Go Radio Football Show last night Paul Cooney, who is prone to go on some sort of mad rant, started crying about Michael Nicholson and Celtic letting in the away fans for future derby matches.

Aided and abetted by Kenny Miller, the two of them seemed to forget exactly how this banning of fans started.

But not to worry, big John Hartson jumped in and put the two of them straight and even though Cooney tried to stop the former Celtic strikers rant, big Joh was having none of it as he said, “I think I mean *Rangers put a stop to it. Didn’t they? Three or four years ago, when Celtic were on winning league run.

Five, six seven in a row, whatever it was. 10,000 away fans Celtic went to go to and celebrate in front of them and Rangers had to pull that.

They almost saw that as a huge sort of downside to them trying to win games. Trying to beat Celtic and trying to halt the 10.

And you could you could almost say it was one of the things that that worked for them.

And then obviously Celtic reacted and we are where we are today.

But we have to say it was Rangers initial decision, let’s not get away from that, to pull away the away fans.”

Big John never missed a stroke here and it was good to hear the big man put both of them right.

A wee bit advice for Cooney though, stick to the football because the pontificating rants on the show are cringeworthy.

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