“Least you still have your wrestling belts”, “This meltdown is epic man” – Celtic fans rinse Heart & Hand as Sevco fans want Gio sacked

What a performance from the Bhoys last night.

And to be honest, we could all see it coming.

One team was due a doing from us and it was delightful that it was them.

Celtic were dominant, masterful and for lack of clinical finishing, it could easily have been 6 or 7 last night.

But unfortunately we had to settle for just the three as the Hoops strangled the life out *Rangers and the meltdown on social media was terrific.

When Gerrard left, Gio was an upgrade. Every fan said it. But what hasn’t upgraded is their fanbases loyalty and as Heart & Hand tweeted out their disgust, the Celtic fans jumped on and rubbed salt in their wounds:

A few of the *Rangers fans called for Gio’s sacking off the back of that performance in what can only be described as a showing of incredible entitlement by the Govan mobs fans.

Big Ange and the team are an absolute credit to Celtic and when you think of who is still to come back from injury, this team will be frightening.

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