“The Colombian kitman”, “Falcao’s tea boy”, “Celtic – Brilliant rinsing as Alfie left out of international squad

This can’t be true can it? The worlds greatest striker not even included in the Colombia squad after his sensational call up last week?

It’s not true, get the team sheet checked. But it is and it is hilarious.

After all the congratulations and back slapping of wee Alfie getting his long awaited call up to the Columbian squad, it seems he was still surplus to requirements.

As the news filtered through that Alfie is going to miss the upcoming Glasgow Derby for nothing, the Celtic fans do what they do best and hit the Rangers fans with a big, fat dose of reality.

Morelos is simply not good enough.

No matter how much the media in Scotland try and bum him up, and by God they have tried, he is a decent striker.

No more. No less.

Eleven caps. Starting eleven four times. One goal.


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