“Setting himself up for a fall”, “I don’t think that’s a good idea” – Even Follow Follow think Boyds latest column is nonsense

If he’s good for one thing, it’s a laugh.

No. Not with him. At him.

Kris Boyd’s recent weekly comic hit the shelves (or the internet) this morning where he spoke of *Rangers chances in the upcoming Glasgow Derby and predicted a win for the away side. Surprise surprise.

But it wasn’t the victory that upset his fellow bears, it was the manner that Boyd said they should go about it.

Sit in. And soak up the pressure. Like the Walter Smith teams of old.

Complete anti football from the super dooper world Scottish champions.

Can’t make it up.

He might as well have just said Gio should play like Livingston and saved us all from reading 500 words of pure drivel.

But his column was not only seen right through like a piece of cling film by the Celtic fans, even his own called him out on it:

This one is a good one:

Best defence in the league and it’s our weakness.

But this one wins the internet for today:

Yeah, he was being serious.

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