“I think I think they’ll get that one done” – Tom English’ Jota boost for Celtic fans

Well, there you go.

Could this be a bit of positive news not only for the Celtic fans regarding Jota but for another reason. Tom actually has something positive to say about Celtic!

As the BBC Sportsound team run the rule over last nights game, the much maligned reporter was talking Jota and what he thinks will happen with the on loan winger and his permanent deal, “I’d say they’re working hard.

They’re desperate to to bring him here permanently I’m sure.

I’ll be surprised if they didn’t do it actually, because he has been, he’s been wonderful.

With his goals, with his assists, with his energy and his class.

I think if Celtic let him slip through their fingers the Celtic fans would go loopy, but I don’t I don’t think they will.

I think I think they’ll get that one done.

The Celtic fans greeted the return of Jota last night with cheers of “Celtic, Celtic, sign him up.” so it is blatantly obvious that if Ange Postecoglou doesn’t bring in anyone else this window, all would be forgiven if he could persuade the Portuguese winger to sign on long term.

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