“Signed players illegally”, “*Rangers are currently using images, names, history and jerseys that belong to a dead club” – Sevco fan clamped over Celtic transfers

This is brilliant.

The fear is real amongst the fans of the Ibrox side.

After watching a Man of the Match performance from Reo Hatate and a debut goal by Daizen Maeda (and don’t let them kid you, they are watching. Nervously), the pain from across the city that Celtic have strengthened whilst they rake the bargain bin for additions is starting to hit home.

Of course, they will try and say that this is about the sporting integrity of the winter break, but they conveniently forget that when ten clubs voted for the break, sporting integrity was upheld.

The truth is, their bottle is going and for all their bravado on social media, they know we are coming for them.

This one Rangers fan had a wee cry on twitter when he posted:

And he was so confident in his statement, he turned off comments. But that didn’t stop the Celtic fans.

If anything, it made them more determined to reply:

I’ll say again. The fear is real.

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