“Do you not think it’s down to the fact that Ange is a great coach rather than some kind of Jedi mind trick?” – Listen as Hugh Keevins is rinsed on live radio

This was reported earlier by Vital Celtic News and I tell you what, it’s worthwhile digging out the audio to let you guys hear it.

The much maligned Hugh Keevins is a journalist all Celtic fans love to hate.

His constant negativity about the club (which I reported on earlier) is a massive bug bear for the Hoops support and a lot of the time, although his stuff is much derided by the Celtic blogging world, is generally pet pass without right of reply.

But this Celtic fan was having none of it.

‘Gerry’ called Clyde 1 Superscoreboard last night and held Hugh to account for his article on Ange Postecoglou after the opening day defeat to Hearts where the journalist used an acronym of Postecoglou’s first name to spell out, “Absolutely Not Good Enough”.

It was tasteless and premature especially after just one fixture and barely enough time for the Celtic boss to write a team sheet never mind get his own players in and Gerry let Hugh have it both barrels.

Have a listen to this incredible conversation:

Even in the midst of it, Hugh still could not bring himself to say that Ange won the cup because he was a good coach. The power of positive thinking won it. 🙄

Maybe Hugh should use the power of positive thinking to try and make himself a better journalist?

Who am I kidding. The power of The Almighty couldn’t even make that happen.

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