Hugh Keevins reveals ‘tasteless’ messages sent after Sevco unbeaten prediction

We all love wee Hugh right?

No? That’s not really a surprise to be fair considering all he seems to do is focus on everything about Celtic negatively.

But it wasn’t a Celtic prediction that he made that irked some supporters in the last few weeks.

Keevins, in his column in The Daily Record made a prediction about Sevco just before the transfer window opened that seems to have drew some criticism from a section of football fans that he has not named, “I’m on record here as saying I don’t think Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s Rangers will lose a game between now and the end of the season.

I don’t accept that’s outrageous, given that Rangers have lost one league game in the last season-and-a- half but I know what’s coming my way if my old sparring partner Scott Brown leads Aberdeen to victory on Tuesday.

A gentleman on social media sent me a photograph of a wheelchair as a way of suggesting I may be too old for this lark, while another said I was in line for an “impending headstone” – the same message only more tasteless.

I mean, with no new incomings in the transfer market, I’m assuming he believes that Celtic won’t beat the Newco when they face each other a further three times this season?

It’s no wonder he, and some of his cohorts on Superscoreboard get lambasted for making these assumptions.

All people want is unbiased and balanced punditry from the main stream podcasters.

But I guess that is difficult when at least 80% of the pundits have leanings towards the south side of the city.

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