“You’re joking right?” – Podcasters outstanding ‘rule book’ dig at Sevco over international break

Love this. I love listening to Celtic podcasts.

Because they are made by fans, speaking as fans.

Mainstream podcasts are good as well. If anything, at least they allow me to tell you all about the daftness and idiocy some of these ‘pundits’ say about our club.

Like them or loathe them, the team at ACSOM do put out some good Celtic content out there and this has to be up with one of the best quotes yet regarding *Rangers and their garbage about the international break.

The team were speaking about the possibility of Ange Postecoglou postponing the Glasgow Derby due to international call up when contributor, Alan Morrison put the boot into the Ibrox clubs fans over their hypocritical stance at applying the rule book, “Listen, this is professional sport right?

And you use every single margin you can get.

And if you if you think for one second that the team across the city would not use every single, not just the rule book but the spirit of the rule book, to get any advantage they possibly could, you’re joking, right?

So if the rules are the Celtic can postpone the game because they have ex amount of players on international duty, and if the manager thinks that he is not able to field the best team because of that, then you postpone the game.

It’s as simple as that.”

Remember when they used the spirit of the rule book to explain that the use of EBT’s although not illegal at the time they were used, were not against the rules?

Mind that?

Now that Celtic want to use an actual bona fide rule that’s WITHIN the laws of the game, the Sevco nuts are all up in arms.

Maybe we should just say we are playing Forfar……………………

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  • Maybe if we use the word imperfectly the sevco fans will get it.The Glasgow derby could be imperfectly postponed.There you go

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