Racist abuse of Kyogo never happened. Incredible Sevco fan claim. Wait till you see the reason why

Kyogo Furuhashi is a constant thorn in Rangers fans side.

The Japanese forward is terrorising defences on Scotland and because they cannot get near him on the ball or on the park, they attack him off it.

The narrative being spun that Kyogo is somehow a cheat or a diver even although video evidence proves he is being targeted by opposition players is sinister and it has made it onto the main stream media, as I reported earlier.

The fact the abuse he is getting on the park is video’d and in the public domain should be proof enough that it’s actually happening. And the same goes with the racist abuse he received on a supporters bus. All videos. All public. All there for anyone to see.

But this Rangers fan claimed it never happened. This Rangers fan claims that the reason there was public uproar and fans got banned (although there is doubt to whether or not that actually happened) was because nothing actually went on.

The reason?

He wasn’t there. Yep. Kyogo Furuhashi wasn’t on the bus, so he wasn’t racially abused.

I wasn’t there when Rangers died as well but it definitely happened though.

And the Celtic fans just couldn’t wait to take this on:

Quite incredible.

“Too much toilet water for this bear”, “You’ve had a nightmare here” – Ibrox blogger James Black rinsed for Ramsey/Keane rambling
What planet does this guy live on? The second reply though is a belter! #CelticFC
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Jesus, I have never red such a deranged article in my life before! #CelticFC
“Must be Lee Wallace’s burner account” – Sevco fan roasted by Ryanair after meltdown
This is just brilliant! Ryanair have won the internet! #CelticFC


  • To say if fans of an opposing team sing racist songs abut a Japanese if celtic player because he identifies there to hear it it’s not racist it is racist no matter how there a lack of class no intelligence of being a normal human how can you think is ok

  • Your dad wasn’t there when you born, therefore, to him, you don’t exist…right?

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