“You should be in prison” – Incredible twitter reply as Alex Rae responds to ‘stolen tax’ tweet

The EBT’s. The just won’t go away will they?

Not for as long as the Celtic fans continue to remind those Rangers players that cheated the tax man with their ‘loans’.

I suppose the one good thing to come out of it was that it led to the eventual death of the club from Govan, so small mercies I guess.

Alex Rae was a recipient of one of these EBT’s to the tune of over £500,000. An incredible sum of money. Money, even if tax was paid on it, some can only dream of earning.

He was reminded of this on Twitter last night by a Celtic fan when he posted a semi coherent tweet about the Rangers/Lyon shambles:

And it’s not very often Rae replies to tweets like this but when he did, he went for the obvious reply:

Yeah I know, the grammar police is just about the poorest comeback you can hit back with on the social media platform but he went there.

But a Celtic fan went even further when he suggested that there is only one place Rae should be after avoiding his taxes in a stunning reply:

There were various other replies to the tweet that I shall not divulge on here but this is a stark response and an indication to the depth of feeling that still runs within the support after the EBT tax years robbed the club of trophies and probably millions of pounds of Champions League money.

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  • There their Alex calm down ya fucknugget. Is it just me or does this moron also have a wee feminine voice as well? Looks like a wrong un to me especially wae that stupid bunnett he wears. Moron.

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