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“He’s an absolute pest” – Barry Ferguson on Celtic star

Ahh poor Barry. A suffering Rangers fan who needs to talk about how well Celtic are doing whilst his own team languish in our shadow.

What a time to be a Celtic fan. You know, we should really thank Barry for his part in killing off Rangers but that would be too cruel. Especially as Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic has their foot firmly on the Newco’s throat.

But, to be fair to Barry, as he was speaking about Celtic star Kyogo Furuhashi, he was being very complimentary about him.

Speaking on Go Radio, Ferguson said, “He’s an absolute pest as well and I’m talking about on the pitch.

Centre backs and full backs and holding midfielders will absolute hate playing against him.

He’s just constantly running.

His fitness levels are an absolute joke. Let’s be honest, they are sky high.”

And when you counter that with big Alfie in Govan whose only running that gets done is down to the ice cream van, the game at Ibrox must be hard to watch.

But, as we all know, Barry tries to be impartial but you that through all these wee jokes and quips, you know that when he says things, especially about driving Ange to whatever club the media up here are trying to hawk him too, it’s done from a place of pain.

It’s beautiful to listen to.

The Village Idiot of news sites weekend Kyogo transfer rumour was nothing but bluster and hot air

It was just a matter of time before this garbage raised it’s ugly head.

Kyogo Furuhashi has been on devastating form this season for Celtic.

22 goals without a single penalty makes the Japanese striker the deadliest player in front of goal this season.

Lightning quick and a footballing brain three steps ahead of the hammer throwers in the league, Kyogo doesn’t even need to see the goal for him to hit the target.

But with that devastating form comes the usual transfer rumours and gossip.

And, surprisingly, it is not Fabrizio Romano who is starting the rumour.

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This time, it is Football Insider.

And yes, I called it the Village Idiot of news sites because they write so much guff about our club only an idiot would believe it.

According to their sources, Crystal Palace have been casting admiring glances towards Kyogo and whilst I would never ask anyone to reveal their sources, the lack of substance in a piece that just reeks of caveats stinks.

The piece is so badly written they have claimed that we are scouting our own player, “Crystal Palace are keeping tabs on Celtic star Kyogo Furuhashi, sources have told Football Insider.

The Premier League club are in the market for multiple forward signings in the summer as they brace for the exit of star man Wilfried Zaha.

“Celtic are scouting potential targets and one of those is Furuhashi, 28, who is making such a big impact in Glasgow.”

And we are meant to take these clowns seriously? Football Insider is the very definition of a click bait site.

The Sevco fans disgrace themselves on disgusting Kyogo thread

I genuinely wonder at these people’s state of mind. I genuinely do.

Their lives are just filled with pure hatred and whilst I can revel in some rivalry banter, I just don’t understand why people take it to the next level.

Football Scotland posted this in game update as Kyogo was taken off injured:

As you can see, there are over 50 replies to the post with 90% of them being from Rangers fans.

Tell me again who is obsessed?

No, like I said, I enjoy a bit of banter between both clubs but when the banter turns to racist abuse and homophobic comments, that’s where I draw the line.

I’m not posting those comments on this site, feel free to dig through the dirge if you wish.

Wishing a career ending injury on the Hoops striker was also the order of the day but, of course, we all know why they are like this.

They are terrified of him. They are terrified because Kyogo is part of Celtic side that is looking unstoppable under Ange Postecoglou. And they hate it.

Their bitterness and bile knows no bounds and whilst I enjoy their pain, it saddens me that all that these cretins know is hatred.

Watch all three of Celtic’s first half goals. That ball from Jota!

To be fair to St Johnstone, they have had go st Celtic today.

They gave dared to go where no other team has this season and decided to attack and not sit back. And they got their reward with a fine goal to peg the game back to 2-1 after an own goal from Considine and a goal from Kyogo.

22 goals with not a single penalty in sight makes Kyogo the deadliest striker in Scotland but it was Celtic’s third from Aaron Mooy that lit up the match.

Kyogo’s part in the build up to his own goal was also a thing of beauty.

Have a watch of all the first half goals and that ball from Jota……..

Celtic fans slaughter Kyogo ‘dive’ allegation as Lint posts outstanding Alfie video compilation

What are these fans like eh?

Not content with racially abusing our players, they continue to make up stories that Kyogo is somehow a diver and that cheats the game.

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It’s completely bizarre.

I wrote at the weekend that there was a Celtic penalty shout at Tannadice that no none seemed to pick up, but the ever excellent Twitter account Lint did and it did illicit this reply from a deranged Sevco fan:

As far as I can see there has only been one set of fans looking for an investigation into cheating and it’s not us.

In fact, the amount of noise coming from that lot regarding Kyogo instigated and embarrassing interview where BBC Sportsound asked the Head of Referees, Crawford Allan, to appear on their show pass comment on our striker.

I find it strange that with all the VAR controversies surrounding the Ibrox club that he has yet to be re-invited back on………

But Lint put this guy in his place with this cracking compilation:

You would think by now that they would learn to hold their tongue when it comes to matters of dodgy refereeing and players diving.

God knows they have had more than their fare share of both over the last two decades.

Time’s up – Mark Wilson makes huge Kyogo claim

Kyogo Furuhashi will be the first person to tell you that he hasn’t been at his scoring best in this season’s Champions League.

The Japanese talisman has failed to break his duck in Europe’s top competition after four starts and Mark Wilson reckons his starting status in the Champions League mat be up.

Speaking on Clyde 1 Superscoreboard, Wilson said, “In midweek [Champions League] he [Giakoumakis] comes on and made an instant impact.

I thought he should have still had a penalty. So in the European stage you might just find him playing in the remaining games coming up.

Shakhtar and away in the Bernabeau. You might just find that’s he’s in and Kyogo doesn’t start these games.”

The lack of goals for Celtic in the competition is a worry for Ange and I’m sure he will be taking steps to address this in training.

But dropping Kyogo? Is that really the answer?

Four to stand trial accused of racism towards Kyogo

This is brilliant news.

Ever since Kyogo has come into Scotland it is widely accepted that the Japanese star has been a breath of fresh air to not only Celtic, but the Scottish game.

He has been hugely popular amongst the Celtic support, for obvious reasons, and for other rival teams supporters a pain in the backside for their defenses as he ran riot before his injury forced him out just before the winter break.

But not long into his time in Scotland, a film was released of *Rangers fans racially abusing the Japanese striker on a supporters bus in an act that shamed the club and Scottish society.

As the club banned the fans and released this statement at the time, “Those who partake in such behaviour are not representative of our club or the loyal support who have stood by us through thick and thin.

Celtic also responded at the time when they tweeted, “If reports are accurate then such sickening and pathetic racist behaviour directed towards Kyogo Furuhashi deserves absolute condemnation.”

Not only have the guys that completed this act received condemnation, they have also been told they will face trial as the Scottish courts now look at acting on and stamping out racism in society.

Hopefully this will act as a real deterrent for anyone else thinking they can chant and abuse at will.

We all stand with Kyogo.

Racist abuse of Kyogo never happened. Incredible Sevco fan claim. Wait till you see the reason why

Kyogo Furuhashi is a constant thorn in Rangers fans side.

The Japanese forward is terrorising defences on Scotland and because they cannot get near him on the ball or on the park, they attack him off it.

The narrative being spun that Kyogo is somehow a cheat or a diver even although video evidence proves he is being targeted by opposition players is sinister and it has made it onto the main stream media, as I reported earlier.

The fact the abuse he is getting on the park is video’d and in the public domain should be proof enough that it’s actually happening. And the same goes with the racist abuse he received on a supporters bus. All videos. All public. All there for anyone to see.

But this Rangers fan claimed it never happened. This Rangers fan claims that the reason there was public uproar and fans got banned (although there is doubt to whether or not that actually happened) was because nothing actually went on.

The reason?

He wasn’t there. Yep. Kyogo Furuhashi wasn’t on the bus, so he wasn’t racially abused.

I wasn’t there when Rangers died as well but it definitely happened though.

And the Celtic fans just couldn’t wait to take this on:

Quite incredible.

Keevins and Dalziel slaughter Kyogo for ‘absolute sitter’
Over the top in my opinion. What do you think? Video of the miss is inside #CelticFC
Deranged Ibrox side asks if Rangers could ‘move’ for once rated £100m, FIVE time Champions League winner
This is quite incredible how they actually come up with this garbage! #CelticFC

“I love Celtic” – The brilliant Japanese replies to Kyogo’s latest tweet

Kyogo Furuhashi, as if we all didn’t know this already, is a hugely popular figure not only Scotland, but also his homeland in Japan.

The 26 year old Hoops hitman has caught the imagination of the Celtic family with not only his displays on the park, but his humility off it.

And as the team recover from their Europa League exit after last nights 3-2 defeat to Bayer Leverkusen, Kyogo tweeted out his usual post match thanks to the fans and it was met with some brilliant responses:

Good advice!

I have absolutely no idea what this is meant to mean!

Clearly the messages don’t translate well but it just shows that Celtic’s number one man is still feeling the love from his homeland.

As the Hoops now prepare for their home tie against Aberdeen on Sunday, the Celtic fans will be hoping that Kyogo will be fit and ready to go again, without a cold or bumping into anything!

Former Aberdeen striker slams Kyogo for ‘lack of respect’

This is a strange one for me. And it has been now for almost a week.

This Kyogo ‘speculation’ that was born out of a nothing (I’m not even going to call it a report) website seems to be growing arms and legs.

It’s not only designed by some nobody to gain clicks, which has worked superbly, but it has given people the opportunity to take pot shots at one of Celtic’s best players whilst on international duty.

And isn’t it strange that almost every Celtic story during this break has been a negative one? Call me cynical, but you would think the journalists in Scotland are struggling for material………

Anyway, former Aberdeen striker Noel Whelan is next up. He was speaking to Football Insider when he made an outrageous claim about Celtic’s Japanese striker when he addressed a question posed TO him about a fellow countryman that has made the move to the EPL,“Right now, he has to concentrate on the club who signed him.

“Rather than talking about speculation about the Premier League, first and foremost he has to do his job with Celtic.

“If he does that job right, then speculation will come his way and there will be offers.

“The last thing that Celtic will want to hear right now is him talking about the Premier League when he’s got a massive job ahead of him at the club.

“He’s been there what – two minutes? It shows a little bit of a lack of respect if you ask me.

“There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to play in the Premier League, but you’ve only just signed for Celtic – and there’s a massive job ahead to bring silverware back to Parkhead.

Now anyone that has half a brain, knows Kyogo is the most respectful person in Scotland at the moment. Hell, the guy even went on litter patrol at Celtic Park after being subbed off against Bayer Leverkusen.

It would have been disrespectful NOT to answer the question but when you look at what the Celtic striker ACTUALLY said his answer showed his commitment to Celtic, “Many players go from Scotland to the EPL.

“It’s motivating to see Takehiro Tomiyasu do well. Good results could open that path for me, but I have to get results to survive at Celtic and the Japan National Team.

“I want to do the best I can and contribute to (both) teams.”

Whelan’s interview is, again, more about the press turning an innocent answer into sensationalist garbage. Something Celtic fans have gotten all too used to over the years.

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