Ticket office at Celtic Park

Rangers Rabble presents incredible ‘Chinese’ reason why Cho gue-Sung will choose Ibrox over Paradise

This is just tremendous.

You the kink of content you come across and you have to rewind it to make sure that you’ve heard it right? This is one of those times.

As we all know, the media in Scotland have begun a bizarre transfer ‘battle’ between Celtic and the Govan mob to sign South Korean striker Cho gue-Sung.

The SOUTH KOREAN was in sparkling form last season for his club in the K (Korean) League and had a great World Cup where he caught the eyes of Celtic whilst representing his country, SOUTH KOREA, in the biggest tournament in the world.

Which has made we wonder why this podcaster on the Rangers Rabble offered this explanation as to why gue-Sung would choose Ibrox over Paradise:

He’s certainly done his research eh? So where did he research his ‘they’ll never stop running’ observation? Weird people.

And who the hell at Celtic is Chinese? Anyone tell me that? The last person who was Chinese at Celtic was Zheng Zhi in 2009!

Absolute morons.

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