“Get a grip Graeme”, “Back out from under his stone to mouth off again” – Celtic fans condemn Souness comments and the Record printed them

Celtic Park

Celtic fans have taken a bettering from pillar to post over the last ten days for their stance on the monarchy and the latest person to slither out from under his rock is Graeme Souness.

The former Deadco manager, who should be lauded for his part in Rangers dying, decided to come out and have his say and call the Celtic fans ‘the unacceptable face of Scottish football’.

Pot and kettle spring to mind.

Souness dabbling in the Ibrox bigotry is well documented so you don’t need me to remind you all but the Celtic fans hit back and hit back hard on Souness comments as they piled onto the Hotline and, rather incredibly, the Record printed it.

Eddie Easson, Ballingry, Fife emailed: “I call him Sourness. What a statement from the man that nearly caused a civil war in Turkey with his flag planting ceremony. Not all Celtic supporters can be tarred with his brush. Does he think for one minute the Ibrox support would clap or be silent for the Pope? No chance. What does he want the Celtic board to do? Shut the stadium? Get a grip Graeme.”

Paul Price, Belfast, said: ”I’m not here to defend what happened on Sunday as I was brought up to neither make fun of nor disrespect the dead but I’m just after watching footage of Mr Souness encouraging players in the Rangers dressing room to sing The Billy Boys so I won’t be taking any lectures from you Mr Souness.”

George Fairgrieve, Edinburgh, said: “Souness is quite right to condemn the anti-royal chants from the Celtic support however he’s never quite so vocal when the Rangers support are blurting out their renditions of the Sash and the Famine Song – and, why would an Edinburgh boy support Rangers …or Celtic?”

Fraser Davison, Glasgow, said: “Is Souness for real? Only days after saying football’s a man’s game and enraging female players and fans (rightly so) he comes back out from under his stone to mouth off again. Didn’t hear him being so quick to condemn the unacceptable face of Scottish football in George Square after Gers won the title.”

Those is glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and it’s maybe just as well Souness doesn’t live in a greenhouse.

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