Juventus and Coventry fans hilarious response to Ramsey training video

No wonder he sat last nights game out! Watching this video actually gave me the fear for Aaron Ramsey when he finally makes his debut for them.

The most amazing thing about this deal is they have £2.5m loan fee for the midfielder to play the fifteen remaining games in the league.

And he’s missed on already because ‘he’s not quite ready’.

Neither was Calmac or Maeda but they made it.

But then, judging by the training video posted on twitter, it is little wonder he was in no fit state to make last nights derby:

I mean, wow. Just. Wow!

How unfit he looks in just a short video would give me the fear if he was my player.

But he’s not my player so I’ll just poke fun at him instead.

The reactions to this from fans all too familiar with Ramsey’s story does not surprise me one little bit:

If I was a Rangers fan I would be seriously worried. But I’m not, not I’m not.

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