“And they broke us?”, “Let the meltdown commence”, “And they laughed at Ange?” – Celtic fans react to shouts of ‘Gio must go’

One defeat. That’s all it took.

After all the chest beating and ’55’ nonsense and ‘upgrade’ gibberish, one defeat is all it took to destroy *Rangers fans and bring them a dose of much needed reality was a skelping from Celtic.

That was it.


And when it finally happens what do they do?

Support the team? Back the manager? Don’t be so daft! They call for his head. And it was coming.

There was signs for it at half time in Dingwall when they booed their team off the park.

The sense of entitlement from them is incredible.

And here is another example of it:

Ans it seems that this is a view shared by many of the support. And of course the Celtic support too. Or is it?

Take a look:


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