“Big Ange knows what the **** he is doing!” – Blue on blue as the harsh reality of last night bites Sevco fans

Of course he does.

We all knew it for months.

The signs were always there but it wasn’t translating fully onto the pitch. Until last night.

A complete performance demolished them.

And it has ruined their fanbase today.

As the Rangers fans took their eye off the ball and crowed about being top of the league and having an ‘upgrade’ on Steven Gerrard, selling a player for £16m, getting in Aaron Ramsey and all the other rubbish they were on about, Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou was slowly building a team that that was capable of mounting a serious title challenge.

Slowly but surely as all the pieces slotted together, the performance last night was a culmination of Ange’s tactics and brilliant transfer business.

And it’s paid off tenfold.

Life comes at you fast and for these *Rangers fans, it’s just starting to dawn on them that the boss means business:

And know what the scary part is? That victory was without Kyogo, Turnbull and Rogic.

They think it’s bad now? Wait till we have a full squad!

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