“Worst ref in the league” – Celtic fans react to ex FIFA ref’s incredible take on Nick Walsh

These really are strange days. From blatant violent conduct being denied to questions being asked about the validity of the Celtic penalty, the fall out from the Hoops match against St Johnstone is still rumbling on.

As Nick Walsh came under fire from the east of Glasgow for his refereeing performance on Saturday, it seems the referee’s are circling the wagons to protect one of their members.

Ex FIFA referee, Keith Hackett, has made an incredible assertion about Walsh’s handling of the Chris Kane incident and made an unbelievable claim about Carter Vickers yellow card, “I think this referee is in top form, I like his style, I like his motivation.

“He’s in quickly, he’s blown and he’s handled it very well. I think he’s right, a double yellow. It’s a bit of a mass confrontation. Well done to him.

“I keep saying it, and I know referees in Scotland get criticised, but I think he’s handled that absolutely to the textbook.

“He’s close at hand. I don’t think there’s been a kick out of malice. There’s a ball around.

“I’m supporting the double yellow, I’m supporting a good bit of refereeing with common sense.”

The Celtic fans were not happy and let the publication know in no uncertain terms what they thought of the referee and his performance:

I don’t have an issue with referee’s sticking up for each other. I really don’t but don’t try to insult people’s intelligence by claiming the referee was on top form when the evidence is clear he lost it on Saturday.

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