The brilliant UEFA letter that proves new club status for Sevco

Same club. New club. Old club. Dead club.

Who cares right?

Probably the tax man. The Queen that they stiffed as well as the hundreds of creditors they simply told to get to when they applied for administration.

The biggest scandal in football and the new club that has risen from it is allowed to claim same club status complete full with the trophies and titles as well as being allowed to walk away from the old clubs financial obligations.

Really gets your goat right?

Well it seems that UEFA have said all along that that the team that plays from Ibrox is a new one as a leaked letter from their HQ shows:

Weird that considering all we are told from their fans is that UEFA recognise them as the same club.

But it is explained better here by twitter campaigner Auldheid:

So there you have it. Not only is the new club and the SFA complicit in keeping the same club lie alive, Celtic are too.

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