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Siamese Bhoy’s latest Neil Lennon rant rinsed by journalist

This account is a really bizarre one.

For those that don’t know, Siamese Bhoy came out of the woodwork not so long after Neil Lennon was sacked by Celtic.

The account regularly tweets stats and facts supporting and trying to back up Lennon’s legacy at the club when in actuality all it really does is p*ss off the Celtic fans and cause more harm than good.

Anyway, for some bizarre reason the account set out on a ‘Fact a Day’ mission for December.

Everyday it posts a Neil Lennon ‘fact’ that is heavily weighted to back up Lennon’s Paradise record.

And this one was rinsed by a Celtic supporting journalist:

Now, I’m not one for Lennon bashing. Far from it. The guy is and always will be a legend at the club.

You can’t be the only man to win a treble as a player and a manager and not be one and I will defy anyone that says otherwise.

But when you send out facts for 24 days in a row and they are picked apart by a very knowledgeable and still p*ssed off Celtic support, then I would give it up.

Like I said, more harm than good these tweets cause and the account is fooling no one.

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