Main stand at Celtic Park

“He sings the rebs. He’s not going anywhere!” – Celtic fans brilliant replies to Japan rumour

The Ange to Japan rumour was the biggest story of the day yesterday.

Blogging site, Vital Celtic, revealed the source of the rumour and took it apart yesterday morning and as it turns out, it was the worst link to a job I have ever seen.

Check out the news from all the Celtic blogs across the web HERE

Read the article.

Anyway, faced with the prospect of ‘losing’ our manager to a national side that already has a manager no less, would fill the fans with dread right?

Don’t be so daft. Because Celtic fans are not.

We can see through b*llsh*t whenever it is printed or posted online and you would think the Scottish press would do a bit of digging before running with a headline that was easily dismantled by a Celtic blogger.

These fans certainly did:

I’ll leave the best one for last:

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