Has Tom English found a Postecoglou weakness that’s gone under the radar?

Listening to last nights BBC Sportsound podcast, Tom English came out with some stat’s that made me think, has he unwittingly uncovered a weakness in Ange Postecoglou that no one has noticed?

Initially reported by Vital Celtic, English read out some stats on Celtic when Kyogo is missing from the team, “I think there’s also something interesting going on about Kyogo.

“If you look at Celtic they’ve dropped points in five league games so far.

“Kyogo didn’t start four of those. And the other one, he started wide left against Rangers. The game that they lost.

“So when he doesn’t play through the middle, they’ve got a problem.

“The dependency on Kyogo in the Celtic team is huge.

“He’s a terrific player, but when he’s not playing through the middle, Celtic are not the same force.”

If English has noticed this, why hasn’t Ange? Or has he?

Is Ange’s determination to give Giakoumakis some game time somehow overclouded his judgement?

Of course, I don’t think so or at least I would hope not.

Obviously Kyogo needs rested as he has come off the back of almost a full season in Japan, but surely he should be used first to get the game put to bed and then taken off?

But the stats are stark.

Kyogo must play every match until we can at least we can Giakoumakis to lead the line or we find another striker who can.

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3 thoughts on “Has Tom English found a Postecoglou weakness that’s gone under the radar?”

  1. English has no clue about anything regarding football,he’s a worthless hack who should stick to talking about the sport with the funny shaped ball

  2. Let’s not second-guess the manager based on the hunch of a biased half-wit like Tom English! Ange is clearly still trying to find the best way to utilise the players he has, it’s still the early days of his reign after all, so let’s not panic just yet!
    Seriously though, if it’s being said by one of the smsm just ignore it.

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