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“I hope they end up like the Queen” – Italian reaction to video of Union Bears attempted attack on Napoli players

What is wrong with these peepul? Seriously?

What is it?

After watching their team get hammered again, it seems that the Rangers fans mourning stage for their Queen is over as they tried to attack the Napoli players during their warm down last night:

“At the end of #RangersNapoli , some home fans tried to catch up with the Napoli players who were doing muscle activation after the game. Stop by the police.”

Disgraceful scenes that will surely end up with the club facing a healthy fine.

But as the eye’s of the media condemn the Celtic fans crown banner last night, you are sure to hear nothing about this from the Scottish media as their selective outrage overtakes their obligation to be impartial journalists.

In fact, I haven’t seen a single thing mentioned from any of the tabloids this morning and when you balance that up with the up to the minute reports on the Celtic banners, it really makes you wonder if there is an agenda against our club (sarcasm).

The reactions from the Italians replying to this are first class:

“Ah the civilization of the British (among other things in mourning for the queen). Every world is a country.”

“I hope they end up like the Queen.”

“Oh well those are drunk from morning to night they don’t understand anything.”

“It is well known that the good supporters are that of Celtic. These are a band of swarms caught with the blow.”

And I’ll leave the best one for last. Something tells me this guy is not Italian…….

“Did you know that Rangers fans enjoy drinking water from the toilet?”

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